Commercial Recycled Interiors

Turning an old space into something new, by adding stunning recycled commercial interiors such as tables, chairs, benches or other furniture is a great ay to add character, colour and a personalised touch.

Recycled Timber Café / Restaurant Tables

Recycled timber tables are very popular in cafes and restaurants as they offer striking textures, colours and can be a real feature piece. Whether as a bench top, service counter, communal table or bench, we can make custom recycled timber tables to suit any café or restaurant.

We understand the different rules and regulations pertaining to furniture and keep these in mind when creating and hospitality bound table we design.

Recycled timber tables in cafes or restaurants can suit a wide variety of themes, such as industrial, organic, modern, farm stall or many many more. We can even carve your brand into a table or bench if you want to personalise it further.

Recycled Timber Boardroom Tables

Another popular place for feature recycled tables is in the boardroom. A recycled boardroom table can be created by un in the finish you would like. They can be custom made to fit your boardroom or meeting area and will be a great place to conduct some of the important discussions you may have in your business place.

A recycled timber boardroom table can bring warmth to a room and will be remembered by your clients, long after your meeting is complete.